Jožef Stefan Institute

We actively contribute to the modern robotics research community for more than two decades. Our research includes almost all branches of robotics research, from kinematics and dynamics, control of mechanisms, robotic vision, up to service robotics. We also implement demanding automation and robotization tasks, which surpass standard and easily applicable solutions.

Contact: Aleš Ude, Igor Kovač

University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark welcomed the first students onto the campus in Odense in September 1966, and things have been developing by leaps and bounds ever since. We now have five faculties with more than 27,000 students, almost 20% of whom are from abroad, and more than 4,000 employees distributed across our main campus in Odense and regional campuses in Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg and Sønderborg. Several international studies document that we conduct world-class research and are one of the top fifty young universities in the world.

Contact: Norbert Krüger

RWTH Aachen University

Encouraging and demanding top-level performance at all levels - this is one of the University's standards as formulated in its "RWTH 2020" Institutional Strategy. Thus RWTH supports researchers in conducting their research projects and provides them with multiple services, assisting them with the acquisition of research funds, bringing innovation to market, generating ideas, and executive development activities.

Contact: Christian Schlette, Jürgen Roßmann

University of Göttingen

The University of Göttingen is an internationally renowned university placing emphasis on research and research-based teaching. The University is distinguished by the outstanding quality in its priority Key Research Areas, by its remarkable diversity of disciplines, especially in the humanities, and by a strong and deeply anchored interdisciplinarity in the natural and life sciences.

Contact: Florentin Wörgötter

Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics invests resources and capital into the exponentially growing robotics industry at large through a carefully selected portfolio of robotic projects. We incubate and take lead of the projects where we develop robotic products, commercialize and introduce the robots to the markets, and when the timing is right sell-, license- or spin-out the IPR, robots and related business-assets to new subsidiaries- or affiliated startup enterprises of ours (through equity/shares) or to existing companies in the market.

Contact: Rune Larsen, Claus Risager

New Factory Ltd.

New Factory is more than just a funky business incubation center in downtown Tampere, Finland - it is an innovation platform. It connects business and people providing the space, tools and facilitation for collaboration. Our battle-hardened team helps you to harness the power of the platform.

Contact: Harri Kuusela, Kai Salminen

Elvez d.o.o.

The Company ELVEZ d.o.o., is the Manufacturer of specialized products for automotive industry, electrical and mechanical engineering, and white goods manufacturers. The excellence of our products and services, continual improvement and development of know-how, as well as good relations with all stakeholders are the baselines underlying for a harmonious development and a successful future for the Company. During our corporate history we have grown, developed our engineering and service profile, maintained competitiveness, implemented our strategic goals, always dedicated to our mission and vision statement. Our employees are constantly engaged in development and implementation of innovative, flexible solutions to meet an outstanding quality and highest customer satisfaction which are the foundation for long term relationship.

Contact: Žiga Gosar

UAB Precizika Metal

We are a producer of customized orders - mechanical parts and especially precise parts of small and medium sizes. One of our strong sides is production of complex parts. We are especially qualified to produce details from the following materials: steel and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and plastics. Upon demand of the customer, we are of course capable in delivering the orders fully finished including necessary surface treatment: heat treatment, chrome coating and galvanizing, anodization, painting (both wet and powder painting are available).

Contact: Nina Ronlev

LOGICDATA Electronic & Software GmbH

LOGICDATA is innovation leader and operating internationally in the field of microcontroller-based control units and operating elements for ergonomic solutions of the furniture industry. Our competence is the development of intelligent electronics and mechatronics as well as demanding embedded software.

Contact: Url Wilfried, Alexander Ketter